Friday, November 30, 2012

FOOD - Turning Japanese in Cebu

Given the huge number of Japan tourists in Cebu, it follows that there is an abundance of Japanese restaurants to cater to their longing of Japanese cuisine.  The more famous ones are Nonki/ Kagura (along AS Fortuna) and Yakiniku Tajimaya/ Banri (along Crossroads Banilad).  There are of course the so-called "underground or really authentic"...and one of the is Ofuku-San.

I have actually ignored this restaurant for almost 3 years due to its location and rusty look.  The fact that it's been there for more than a decade with minimal (if not no) renovations is a testament to that!  But in our search for better Japanese restos, we gave this a try and man, where we in for a big surprise...

Interior very much reflects its exterior.  It is old and rusty which in a way that it reflects its authenticity.  This is actually a good selling point but doesn't really spell premium which is how its products are priced.  But these are all for the food...

As mentioned, price is on the high side but the serving size and taste justifies the cost.  I had the Inaka Barasushi and Hot Inaniwa Udon set which is priced at P370.  As you can see, serving is generous and the taste...really authentic and good.

My wife in the meantime had the Ebi Furai Bentoh.  A combination of Breaded Tiger Prawns, Chicken Teriyaki, Age Deshi Tofu and Rice.  All priced at P360.

If there was a letdown, it's their Japanese rice.  I wouldn't even go to the level of considering it as one.

All in all, this is one Japanese resto we would eat over and over again and which I would highly recommend.  But stick to their noodles as this is their specialty.  Not sure of their sashimis though...but I would guess they are good also.

Ofuku-San is located along the chain of restaurants of Gaisano Country Mall at the GF.

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