Wednesday, October 17, 2012

FOOD - Gusteau's GenSan

When talking about GenSan, only one word comes to mind...and no it's not Pacquiao, Tuna, etc.  It's Gusteau's!  Gus-what you might say?  

Gusteau's is one of the best and probably most famous seafood restaurant in GenSan. .  Restaurant is not much to look at but once you see all those eating inside, you know you're in the right place.  Staff are very courteous as well.

Their must haves are as follows...

GARLIC TUNA's crazy how perfect they cook this dish.  It's crispy on the outside yet the inside is so fresh and chewy.  Serving is actually good for 2-4 persons but it's so damn good, I can finish the whole thing!

SPICY PRAWN...I would actually like to change it to sweet and spicy prawn but you know what, it doesn't matte as it's so good as well!  Deciphering its ingredients, they used olive oil, tons of garlic, pepper (too much though based on my last meal), and sugar.  I'm sure there's a lot more but these are the ones that pop out.  You have the option to order specific sizes and quantities as well.

OCEAN KING CRAB...oh man...let me just put it this way.  I hate eating with my hands...EXCEPT when I'm eating this!  Only the tons of garlic standout but there should be a lot more herb and spices as it is so tasty!  

When in GenSan, make sure to stop by the place.  It's located at the 2F of Sun City Complex which is along the National Highway.  Note that cooking usually takes time and the place gets filled-up easy so it's best to pre-order.  Their number is 083 3048682.  


  1. Hmm.. pero mas masarap ang kain mo dyan kung kasama ako.. ;-)