Saturday, October 13, 2012

FOOD - Mr. India Restaurant

When you talk about the best eats in Cebu, the usual restos pop-up: Casa Verde, CNT, AA's, etc.  But now being a long term resident, these establishments have lost their glamour among our taste buds.  Thus the urge to look for other varieties...heck, we now appreciate Shakey's more than ever...

Then we came upon Mr. India.

This establishment is situated along the chain of restos of Gaisano Country Mall.  It's a small and simple place butyou can feel its authenticity.  Disclaimer: I haven't been to India so this is very much a personal view.

One thing that really caught my attention, which honestly is not much of a surprise, is the abundance of foreigners and their "local" partners.  If you are sensitive about this then this might not be the place for you.

But it's all about the food and in this regard, they did not disappoint.  Their servers stress that what they serve is authentic.  Since I haven't been to India, my educated guess is they are 70-80% accurate.  Bottom line though is it's surprisingly tasty...and CHEAP!

I ordered their Chicken Biryani meal which set me back just P109. For this price, you get a big plate of Basmati rice and underneath it is a quarter sized chicken.  Size of the chicken is not big nor small but it's tasty enough that you will have the urge to eat more than your usual serving of rice.

It also came along with a freshly served Papadum (ala fish cracker).

As for Juvvy, she ordered their Non Veggie Thali meal.  It's a combination of 1 Dal (Lentil soup), Non veggie dish (which varies daily), 1 Rice (which Juvvy changed to another Papadum), 1 Naan Paratha (tortilla), 1 Papadum and 1 Desert (milky syrup with mini tapiocas).  All these served on a "prison" like plate.  It won't win any award in terms of presentation nor will make you appreciate it more but once you start eating it, it's also surprisingly good.  And oh, all of these just cost P99!

It's only now that I'm blogging about this place but we've actually eaten here multiple times already.  I'm sure there are better and more authentic Indian restuarants within Cebu but if you just want a no frills value for money place, look no further.

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