Friday, January 18, 2013

FOOD - La Lagrima Taqueria

I have always been a fan of Mexican food but the lack of options remain to be one of my frustrations staying in Cebu...until NOW.  There are actually options in Mooon and Maya but the former is too "commercialized" (can't even consider it being Mexican food) while the latter "ultra expensive" (albeit quite good).  Then we came across this Mexican restaurant thanks to our new friends Chiqui and Luna.

Name of the restaurant is actually La Lagrima Taqueria.  But don't look for any signage showing this as it's nowhere to be seen. Mexican food is all you need to look for.

I actually had friends who have seen this (me including) but opted not to check it out.  The missing signage might be a factor but I think the bigger issue is it being always empty.  Which is both good and bad.

On a supposedly busy afternoon, we were the only customers (albeit 2 just left).  It actually doesn't look like a taqueria at all as even the cashier table, wherein all the ingredients, etc should be on display to entice our taste buds, is very bare.  And the chairs...not comfy at  all.

BUT all these issues doesn't matter...let's dwell into their menu...

For starters, we had their Super Nachos.  What can I say...if you're a fan of Man vs. Food and is craving for the Nachos Adam Richman is munching on...look no further!  You actually have the choice of what kind of meat to put and we settled for beef...which unfortunately for some parts, takes a lot of effort to chew.

Juvvy in the meantime, sticking to her so-called "diet", just had a soft taco (she almost single handedly finished the Super Nachos though).  Nothing special but the salsa, beans and beef are really authentic in flavor.  

I ordered the regular burritto and I was not disappointed at all.  Nothing special as it's just rice, grilled chicken and salsa but it packs a lot of flavor and is way way more authentic in taste compared to that of Mexicali. 

Drink choices are very much common except for this.  Make sure to order their Aguas Frescas.  It's a "rice" juice of some sort with a twist of vanilla.  It's a little rough in the throat so make sure to drink it while cold.

Our companions ordered the Flautas (photo above) and Quesadillas (no photo...but just think of the usual Quesadillas in steroids).  Flatuas are just like Juvvy's soft tacos with the main difference of this being deep fried.  Wasn't able to test it but they finished it easily so it should be good also.

Doesn't look like much but these two are the difference maker.  Hands down best sauces I tasted...EVER!!!  The beige colored sauce is the hot sauce while the green one their mild sauce.  I hope I can decifer the ingredients but it was so good, I opted just to enjoy as much of it as possible!

So there you go.  Price wise, it's not cheap but to which I can consider good value for your money.  Authenticity is it's main selling point together with that amazing sauce (can't really get over it).

As an added tidbit, the owner/ chef has his own chain of taquerias in California.  He fell in love with Cebu and decided to put up one here as well.  Life is good isn't it?

La lagrima Taqueria is located at the GF of RCDC Building, located along Banilad, Cebu (right beside Banilad Town Centre).


  1. YUMMY!! Best Mexican food I had! Balik tayo dun! :)

  2. not very good mexican at all....

  3. and they also have free wifi access right? thanx for this great review!! :D

  4. real mexican restaurants make theyre own tortillas

  5. Was equally excited the first time i went and it still is probably the best choice for a taco/burritto in town..BUT, this place is doing some bizarre things that keep it from being really good. One: they are using disgusting cheese sauce, which around these parts is considered normal but it's ain't. Two: the tortilla's are flour and not homemade, again this is a detail that filipinos probably dont care about, yet. Three--the beef is nasty!!! This is more the fault of the locale than the owner, but he should know not to use local beef!! Four--where are the simple cilantro and onion toppings for the tacos...why are they so americanized with the pico de gallo?

    Sorry, won't be back!!